World of Tanks || AMX 13 57 – Tank Preview!

World of Tanks || AMX 13 57 – Tank Preview!

Jump to content. Jammytwss, on 11 December – PM, said:. Read my guides there. The only thing they should remove is statistics. You’re missing the point. This is a ‘light’ tank with camo like a barn door.

Straight Outta Supertest: AMX-13 57

The AMX is back and ready to take over the battlefield with its eightround autoloader more than ready to sneak up on the enemy This is also the first time you can getit without special camouflage so you can customise it howeveryou like. For easier adfree reading try using the feed linked below. Tanks in World of Tanks are divided up by country and weight.

9 (4% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 57ms, that you choose in the options under “Gameplay > Matchmaking Ping Limit”, 49 War Thunder EC Tiger HAP and Super AMX Bundle – 11 Jul 16, Rob Bartlett July 17, with unexpected lag.

By MatzerMike , March 5, in China. For a long time I wanted to have type 62 in my garage. Now, I want to share my reasons why I’m still thinking about getting it anyways and hope you will share your opinions. This should be better with premium tonk – I don’t get the type 64 hype, sure it is probably fun to play but as a trainer I don’t see any advantages as the tank has one more member radio operatior , so all the accelerated traning goes to him and you wont use him in your main chinese light.

And with the new tier X lights coming soon, the type 62 just sounds to me like a more suitable tank to train your crews. I can’t comment too much on the Type 62 as I haven’t played it or the WZ , but it might work well with the changes. But really, this isn’t the last time WG is going to sell the Type 62, so you might be better off waiting until the patch lands to see how things get changed. As for the Type 64, while the crew doesn’t match up perfectly, I’ve always been under the impression that a lot of it’s popularity comes from its utility in tier 6 strongholds.

It’s pretty fun to play in those and makes good credits. If it gets regular matchmaking without any changes to it, it’s going to be a monster at tier 6 and I think I’ll actually take it out in pub battles. You never know your luck. Thanks for this, I might try as you never know. Is it time limited and only game related quiz?

Tanks of France

Server statuses are live and confirmed each time this page is loaded, we do not cache data to avoid out of date information. If you don’t see anything, connect your computer through a wire to your router, and do the same thing. All cheats or hacks for WarThunder unofficially, just for demonstration! Many players throughout the globe are having these problems and creating more and more frustration when playing the game.

Gaijin Entertainment, developer and publisher of the military MMO game War Thunder, is announcing that the game has been updated to version 1. Games released before have no support for HDR output, unless it was patched in later or enabled through the use of a third-party mod.

I found waiting and review world of questions regarding matchmaking. Originally the amx 13 57 gf, torrents release log. Lorraine 40t is a ww2 event, below i.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. France Edit Armored fighting vehicles designed or produced by the French Republic. French tanks tend to be extremely specialized tanks and each should be examined carefully before committing to play it. French tanks vary wildly between the tiers, due to the paradigm changes in historical doctrines around WWII. However, their core philosophy is geared around offensive action. At lower tiers, they accomplish this with trench-assault tanks with great armor, but are as slow as foot 0.

Matchmaking in WoT

L’AMX de la marque amricaine M. C, est reproduit de faon succinct, entirement en matire plastique, teint de bleu lectrique. AMX 13 90 i uwazam ze to dobry czolg w prawdzie trzeba wspierac sie zlotymi pestkami na 10 poziomach ale przy okrazaniu wroga czy flankowaniu. Hey guys, I wanted to hear some suggestions on how to play the AMX 13

amx 13 57 all the way boi, its so OP with new matchmaking. averaging 3k dmg a round with that sexy tank. 0 replies 0 retweets 1 like. Reply.

Source: QuickyBabyTV. World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it. Quicky you never mention any of this games many faults instead you always big up this bl—dy awful joke of a game. I would LOVE more gameplay of this tank, it would be so great to see!!! BTW Loved the video. Not a big fan of autoloaders. Concept tanks become OP in game while historical tanks are crappy in comparison.

Example — tier 7 Panther with best gun does damage with around a 4 second. This new tank can defeat it with ease in 2 clips. WG actually lets u test new tanks on the regular servers? What if they are overpowered vehicles… I mean it would be rather unfair for those playing in the regular servers stats-wise….. Wargaming said that they have infinite number of this tank. Seriously, Wargaming I hate you.

Special Vehicles Incoming (EU)

It is not known, whether this is a regular premium tank, or a reward of some sort. Needs more armour on the rear to balance the tank.. Come on man,,, that tank cant fall over if it breaks to hard,,,, The gun barrel is so long it will just hit that first and then polevault on to the tracks again! The French community is currently working on a big file with all french tanks WG could implement, from official archives, with pictures, modules list, official blueprints and trial reports etc.

AMX – posted in Gameplay: Nope. I’m pretty sure better players get better matchmaking where they don’t bounce 5 shots in a row off.

KV-5, a tank that is well-known for its armour, utility droids and expensive health insurance for its Radio operator. From 28 December to 1 January , the preferential matchmaking Soviet heavy tank will be available for you go buy, unfortunately, there are no details if it will be available on its own, or just in a bundle. Fear not, if you are looking to buy the French slinger he will be available very soon. From 29 December to 1 January , you will have the opportunity to buy the vehicle, unfortunately, there are no details if it will be available on its own, or just in a bundle.

The rarer Pz. Kpfw IV, a great collectors Premium tank that has been available just a few times in quite expensive bundles, will make its return together with two other Tier VIII tanks. From 1 January to 9 January , you will have the opportunity to buy the vehicle, unfortunately, there are no details if it will be available on its own, or just in a bundle. Tank Nut and Gamer Wannabe! Huge fan of tanks and World War II history. Huge World of Tanks fan and by far, the game I’ve played for the longest time.

All tanks in the game

While every other tank is reciving somewhat buff, 13 90 is only one that is being nerfed. Yes its a scout yet its getting nerfed to the point where it cant scout either. Can you see it? Whereas now it can 1 clip any other scout in the game. They are seeing the same tier tanks so they should have stayed as is.

Matchmaking amx 13 Date August | Author: Admin. WoTContentsAMX GARAGE SLOT and GOLD. The AMX is back and ready to take over the.

Problems in development slowed the project, and by the s the vehicle was still not ready for presentation. By that time, the production of a modified chassis with the turret mounting a mm gun had taken precedence, and the mm version was discontinued. This tank plays much like other french light tanks. With a good top speed and maneuverability, active scouting is an option;it’s generally dangerous to do so as many tanks will attempt to take you out, if they don’t underestimate your damage.

With the mere 90 damage per shot, many enemies will shrug off the damage, until you empty several more shots into them, sometimes even your entire clip. Try to engage tanks that are distracted, or circle tanks that have overextended or are alone. Artillery, tank destroyers, and heavies will fall to your gun if they are singled out and you can circle them. When possible, conserve ammo as you only have 56 shots 7 clips.

APCR will come in handy if you intend on fighting face-to-face. Camouflage is important on this tank, so the skill will come in handy, as your armor will rarely not be penetrated if you are shot.


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World of Tanks #13

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